The first show of 2022 at the world-famous Machine Shop in Flint is going to be epic. On Friday, January 7th, you will be seeing not one, but two awesome tribute bands.

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Opening the show will be the band Jump - America's Ultimate Van Halen Tribute. Your headliner will be Sabbath, The Complete Black Sabbath Experience.

Sabbath will be performing all of your favorite Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie James Dio era Black Sabbath tunes and Van Halen fans will be singing along to every song from Jump. Tickets are on sale now, only $15 in advance.

The month of January 2022 at The Machine Shop features even more awesome tribute shows including the following,

The Rock Show

The Rock Show is the Ultimate Tribute to Journey. Opening the show will be Old Days, A Chicago Tribute. I can hear the crowd singing along now to 'Don't Stop Believin'. Tickets are on sale now, only $15 in advance.

The Machine Shop
The Machine Shop

Wreking Crew

Wreking Crew - The Motley Crue Experience. Get your tickets now, only $15 in advance. Come out and Shout at the Devil with your fellow Motley Crue fans.


Toolology - A Tribute to Tool. Russell Wayne and the band have perfected the ultimate Tool experience. Do not miss this show. Tickets are on sale now, only $12 in advance.

The Machine Shop
The Machine Shop

Persons 18 years of age and up are always welcome at The Machine Shop with proper identification. I cannot wait to see you at all of the above shows. Let's make 2022 an awesome year of music at The Machine Shop. Happy New Year!

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