It is hard to get into the Holiday spirit when its two months away.

I am usually one of those people that like to wait until after Thanksgiving to really start to decorate and get in the holiday mood. But this advertisement for a British catalog retailer Argos has got me going early this year.

As a kid, I remember looking through all the ads and circling what I really wanted to see under the tree and the marketing people for Argos hit every aspect from the parents to the kid's viewpoint for this add. The dad who is simply looking through the catalog sees what his daughter wants and starts to drift away in a rockstar dream of playing the drums with his kid.

Even the song that was chosen knocks it out of the ballpark. Almost every kid these days knows the song " Don't you forget about me" from the 80s group Simple Minds from the movie Pitch Perfect and us as parents well it's known from the movie the Breakfast Club. Regardless this is an epic commercial to kick off the 2019 Holiday season.


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