They've been fighting crime for Marvel for nearly 50 years.  Looks like one of the Fantastic Four will be kicking the bucket soon!

Looks like we are going to find out who it will be next month in issue No. 587.  If you've been following the comic you might have a clue as to who it will be...

But who will die? That's a secret protected with more might than the Incredible Hulk and Sentry possess, but executive editor Tom Brevoort, who oversees the comic book, says plenty of clues have been offered during the course of writer Jonathan Hickman's run, including the current "Three" story line.

Issue No. 587 is scheduled to come out in January but it looks like you'll have to pony up the cash to find out...

Readers will find out for themselves when "Fantastic Four" No. 587 is released in January, though it'll be wrapped in a black polybag designed to keep snoops from finding out and spilling the news.

I've always been a big fan of comics and this is a pretty major turning point...BUT sadly this has given 20th Century Fox a reason to make another bad comic movie.   Check out the full article at!

Here is the worst part, as I was surfing around on this, I discovered that they may even get rid of Jessica Alba in the next movie!?!?!  Definitely not paying 10 bucks to see it if that is true!