If you own an Off-Road Vehicle, you know it can sometimes be a pain not being able to drive it on the road. That may change in the future.

The Genesee County Board of Commissioners is trying to put a plan into action to allow ORV's on some roads throughout the county. Some attorneys in the county have been asked to put together an ordinance that might make it easier for people to get around in rural areas. Golf carts and ORV's might soon be allowed on the shoulders and sides of certain roads with a new ordinance.

It is not uncommon for officers from the Department of Natural Resources to stop ORV's when driving on the roads. I've seen it happen first hand. Even if you are just going a half mile down the road where it is legal to drive them, you can still be stopped. Trailering your ORV that small of a distance is a pain.

The earliest that the possible new ordinance could go into effect is December 11th.

Source: MLive