Two things that don't typically go together, "The Prince Of Darkness" and "The Biebs".  It's strange what people will do when there is money involved.  Osbourne and Bieber will appear in a 30 second commercial for Best Buy during the Super Bowl.  Details about the spot are top secret.

Here are a few idea's I have for the commercial:

  1. Ozzy bites Justin Bieber's head off !
  2. Jack & Kelly Osbourne show up in the commercial and kick "The Biebs" ass!
  3. Ozzy pee's on him!
  4. Ozzy and Justin snort ants!
  5. Sharon throws a ham at Justin, then shoves it down his throat!
  6. Ozzy finds the cure for "Bieber Fever"!

Best Buy is free to use any of my scenario's.  Do you have any idea's for the commercial?

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