Here's a funny little story to start off your Friday with. Reporters caught up with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne while the couple was out on the town Wednesday night (Sept. 10). Along with the media blitz came a bit of confusion for Ozzy, who accidentally let himself into the wrong car on his way out.

TMZ cameras caught the couple on the street, Ozzy signing autographs for various fans. One reporter asked Sharon how excited she was for her 'Talk' co-host Sara Gilbert's pregnancy. "It's the best news I've heard all year," said Sharon, adding, "We never knew, I swear to you. We never knew, had no idea," after another reporter asked if Sharon was shocked by the news.

During Sharon's short conversation, Ozzy walked off camera, only to find himself in the wrong car! A valet pointed the mistake out to Sharon and, of course, hilarity ensued. A confused Ozzy eventually realized his error, casually stepping out of a woman's Range Rover, which in Ozzy's defense, did look a lot like the Prince of Darkness' ride.

Check out the entertaining footage of Ozzy's switcheroo in the video above.

You Think You Know Ozzy Osbourne?

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