After seven long months of construction, parts of I-69 will finally reopen this weekend.

Construction along I-69 isn't even close to being completed but at least drivers will have a little less congestion to deal with. If weather permits, this Sunday construction crews will start moving westbound traffic off the eastbound side and onto the roadway that they've been working on.

Ya know what all that means? Come Monday morning, drivers more than likely won't have to deal with orange barrels and land closure signs. Well, not as many anyway.

Construction Engineer, Keith Brown:

We’ll start pavement markings without disrupting traffic, and then once we get those in and we can get a lane open for that traffic-- we’ll take westbound down to one lane and have that open for drivers.

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Now, here's something else you can get really excited about. According to ABC12, the Michigan Department of Transportation will be pulling barrels from ramps at 475 and Dort Highway.

Ramps at Dort highway to westbound, ramps for 475 from westbound to northbound and southbound. And then southbound 475 to westbound 69, those will reopen and hopefully help out with some of the congestion.

The construction project is expected to wrap up for the year in November. Don't get too used to a construction free I-69 though because come April, it starts all over again. It sucks but it'll be so nice when it's all done.

I don't have to deal with I-69 on my commute to and from work, so it really doesn't affect me. What does affect me are the road closures on Belsay Road where they're working on a bridge and the roundabout that's going in on Grand Blanc Road at Dort Highway. I can't wait for those two projects to finish up, all the detours are killing me.

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