If your not a big fan of the holiday that falls on the 14th of February due to a recent breakup or an ex who broke your heart? Good news, the El Paso Zoo is here to help the cause.

They will name a cockroach after your ex and then feed it to a meerkat live on Facebook. You can message the name of your ex via their Facebook page and then wait till the big day to watch it live. The 'Quit Bugging Me" Valentines Day promotion is free for those who want to see the beheading of the named cockroach. Savage.

Zoo officials have called it "the perfect Valentines day gift." There are many other Zoos across the world that are also doing an event like this for those who are single on the 14th, including The Bronx Zoo and another Zoo in England. I have been called a lot of things from women but never a cockroach. At least from what I have been told. LOL

Source: CBSnews.com

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