I think the majority of us that are pet owners consider our furry friends as family members. Again, I said the majority of us...but not everyone.

According to WNEM, Animal Control in Genesee County is getting at least two calls a week of helpless animals being abandoned by their owners. They said just last week a puppy was left to fend for herself when her owners moved away. Her leash was wrapped around the front porch with no food or water for two weeks. I don't understand how people can do something so cruel and heartless.

It's not that hard to take a pet to the Humane Society of Genesee County. They will help find a home for your pet. You don't just leave your pet alone to fend for themselves. There are so many pet lovers that would love to give them a warm and safe home.

These losers need to do jail time. I know they get charged with animal cruelty and animal abandonment if they actually get caught. I highly doubt very man people actually get jail time for actions.

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