The 6 Human Medications Most Dangerous to Pets
Earlier this week, I posted a story about a Michigan vet that was warning pet owners to not give their pets medication that's intended for humans. While doing that story, I stumbled upon a website that listed the most dangerous human medication for pets...
Houston’s Most Disgusting House On The Market [VIDEO]
I've let my house go once or twice in my life, but nothing a day of cleaning couldn't fix. This house is way beyond that. Nothing short of gutting it or burning it to the ground can help this home. I have no idea how home owners can have such a nice house only to let it get destroyed by a …
What Pet Should Monroe Get For His Daughter?
I need your help friends. I made a deal with my nine-year-old daughter that if she had a great remote card we could get a small pet. Well, she did and now we need to pick one out. I've had a lot of pets in my life time but have a few restrictions.
Pets on Pot? Yes, According to Arizona Vet [VIDEO]
I am guessing people are not intentionally sharing pot with their pets, or are you? An Arizona veterinarian says the number of cases of pets ingesting marijuana has increased  in the last few years. Not going to lie, I know people that have panicked because their pets ate their stash.

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