The 6 Human Medications Most Dangerous to Pets
Earlier this week, I posted a story about a Michigan vet that was warning pet owners to not give their pets medication that's intended for humans. While doing that story, I stumbled upon a website that listed the most dangerous human medication for pets...
Houston’s Most Disgusting House On The Market [VIDEO]
I've let my house go once or twice in my life, but nothing a day of cleaning couldn't fix. This house is way beyond that. Nothing short of gutting it or burning it to the ground can help this home. I have no idea how home owners can have such a nice house only to let it get destroyed by a …
What Pet Should Monroe Get For His Daughter?
I need your help friends. I made a deal with my nine-year-old daughter that if she had a great remote card we could get a small pet. Well, she did and now we need to pick one out. I've had a lot of pets in my life time but have a few restrictions.

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