Why are Petoskey Stone Mushrooms a thing?

Unless you've been living under a rock (sorry, I couldn't help it,) you're probably aware that Michigan's state stone is the Petoskey Stone. Growing up in Michigan, it's almost a right of passage to go on a quest looking for some while vacationing at the beach. But, what do people do when they find them? Well, some people turn them into mushrooms.

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A Petoskey stone is a rock and fossilized coral combined and is pretty cool to look at. Many people have made jewelry with them, sold them, purchased them, and more as they can be relatively valuable. However, turning them into mushrooms seems to be pretty popular.

After talking with my daughter about Petoskey stones, I decided to see what they were actually worth. The answer to that is pretty murky as many factors go into their value. So that had me wondering and I decided to look them up on eBay and that is when I noticed a weird trend...Petoskey stone mushrooms.

Take a look at this listing. **Rare Vintage Handmade Petoskey Stone Polished Mushroom Set of 3."

thecocacolakid vis eBay
thecocacolakid vis eBay

While cool looking, this set of three Petoskey stone mushrooms will set you back $325 plus $26.65 shipping. Seems a bit steep for something that will collect dust on the mantel.

Then there is this single piece. "**Rare Vintage Handmade Petoskey Stone Polished Mushroom. Large Sized."

cash.music via eBay
cash.music via eBay

This little guy has a Buy It Now price of $124.99 plus $5.75 shipping.

Don't get me wrong, I like Petoskey stones but I don't think I could spend this kind of money on them. Also, what is the deal with turning them into mushrooms? These are just two of the many for sale on eBay alone.

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