If there is one thing that I know for sure is that golf can be frustrating. I would imagine that Phil Mickelson was a bit frustrated with this whole situation.

Saturday at the U.S. Open he received a two-stroke penalty for hitting his ball while it was still moving. When I first watch the video, he used a move that I have used many times before. His putt went long so he ran to hit it before it could run farther down the hill. In the Banana Bad Golfers League, the rules are a little more relaxed. The U.S. Open, not so much.

It's weird to see a professional trying to pull a fast one like this. However, his thought process is pretty sound. It made more sense to take the two-stroke penalty than trying to chip again after it rolled off the green. Honestly, that was a really smart move if you ask me. I would do it too if millions of dollars were on the line.

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