It's official -- it is not always sunny in Philadelphia.

I hope that the normies in Philadelphia got to be proud of their Super Bowl victory for at least a few minutes before they were reminded that there are a bunch of maniacs living there.

We're talking about fans that once booed Santa Claus and pelted him with snow balls. Granted, that was decades ago, but just a few weeks back police had to greas the light posts to prevent crazed fans from climbing them and causing a ruckus in case the team beat Vikings. Spoiler alert -- it didn't work.

So here we are, after a fantastic Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots, and how do the fans choose to celebrate? By going nuts, that's how. Amid all the craziness going on -- one fan took it to the next level and decided to eat horse poop? What?

How would you... and why would... what does that have to do with... I give up. I'll never understand why someone would do this. Unless that guy is a McPoyle. That would make total sense.

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