I guess this is what the saying "your past catches up with you" means.  A New Jersey police officer is facing disciplinary action after a 5 year old photograph resurfaced of him pretending to smoke pot in his uniform at a concert.  A full investigation found that the marijuana cigarette was indeed fake and the officer did not smoke actual pot.  You can tell that from a picture?

Detective Lt. Joseph Trumbetti is the officer in the picture.  According to North Jersey.com,  Police Chief Edward Wrixon would not give the exact details of the disciplinary action that Trumbetti will face.  The picture resurfaced after a fellow officer was fired for six charges of misconduct on duty.  The fired officers pictures contained pornographic gestures.

Just to be clear -  no porn pics, but pretend pot smoking is okay.  Got that? Do you think it is fair that you are judged on photos from your past?  Do you think your employer has a right to question what you do in photos outside of work?