A pregnant 17 year-old was recently tased by police officers after resisting arrest.

According to WNEM, she said an officer fired a stun gun into her side, dropping her to the floor of an apartment building after she told the officers she was pregnant.

The video shows around a dozen New York City police officers surrounding the girl as she struggles while resisting arrest.

The police were in her apartment building on a different matter but somehow ended up on her floor because her boyfriend started fighting with her sister's boyfriend over a video game.

In the video you'll hear the full story and get a better understanding of the situation and the family.

My opinion: Police should not have tased her after she told them she was pregnant. She should have kept her cool knowing she was pregnant in the first place. It sounds like they're a family of fighters and I guarantee she was running her mouth like crazy and just being out of control along with the rest of the family.




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