Some people are jerks and I hope they find whoever did this to Bicentennial Park.

Grand Blanc Township Police are searching for the a**holes that are responsible for tearing up the grass in a local park. Around 9:45 pm on Sunday night, a lot of damage was done to the soccer fields at Bicentennial Park. These jerks decided that it would be fun to take their car out on to the field and do some donuts.

Police are trying to get a description of the car. If you have any information about this or know who did this, you are asked to call the Grand Blanc Township Police Department at 810-694-1111 or the Grand Blanc Parks and Recreation office at 810-694-0101.

This type of crap makes me so angry. Bicentennial Park in Grand Blanc is a great place for the community. I have been there many times with family and friends and by myself as well. My nephew's baseball team has played there for a number of years, I have been on softball teams there, and the bike path that runs through it is great. My daughter and I head there a lot for good walks and we've seen some cool wildlife there. It is a great park to go to!

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I just have never understood why people feel the need to do stuff like this. If you want to tear up the grass with your toys, do it in your own yard or in places where it is welcomed. Stop ruining things for other people! If you were trying to show off to people, you need better friends. You're not cool. Doing that just makes you a dick!


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