You knew when Flint voters decided to decriminalize marijuana, it was going to be a sticky situation.  The city has since stated they would continue to enforce existing laws, which has some police officers speaking out against the cities decision. 


On Election Day, over 50 percent of Flint voters decided to decriminalize marijuana, a decision that had pro-marijuana enthusiasts celebrating.  The celebration was short lived when city officials called the vote mostly symbolic and said that the city police would continue to enforce federal and state laws against the drug.

Now a group of law enforcement officials that support the legalization of marijuana are speaking out.  The group, known as LEAP or Law Enforcement Against Prohibition released a statement condemning the actions of the city.

“This is in direct violation of the wishes of voters who opted for a decriminalization approach similar to those successfully implemented in cities across the country,” said Executive Director of LEAP, Neill Franklin. “Keeping marijuana illegal benefits no one. It’s expensive, ineffective, and destroys the relationship between police and the communities they serve. The citizens of Flint spoke loud and clear in favor of change. City officials should respect the wishes of the voters who put them into office and can remove them just as easily.”

LEAP represents police officers, judges, correction officers and others involved in law enforcement who are actively making efforts to end the criminalization of marijuana.  More information about the group at their website at

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