Traveling from the southern part of Michigan to the northern part might just get easier on you in the upcoming years.

The Groundworks Center for Resilient Communities is proposing a new passenger railway system to take travelers in Michigan from Ann Arbor to Traverse City. The executive director of the organization gave the latest updates of the project in Owosso on Monday. The next step of the process will be to looks at the development opportunities for the stops along the way.

The proposed plan would use tracks that already exist in the corridor and cost around $40 million to get ready for the passenger trains. Stops along the way will most like be in Ann Arbor, Durand, Owosso, Clare and Alma, Mt. Pleasant, and Traverse City.

I will be so happy if this plan becomes a reality. Last year, I took the train to Chicago for the first time. It was awesome and the best way to travel that distance if you ask me. We were way more relaxed when we got there and didn't have the sluggishness of a long car trip. If this happens, trips to Mt. Pleasant and Traverse City will happen a lot in my future.

Source: ABC 12