Two of my favorite things (and two of the longest titles) have finally joined forces in an unexpected union which now seems obviously overdue. Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force is changing it's name and QOTSA frontman Josh Homme has recorded the new theme song.

The show will soon relaunch with the title Aqua Unit Patrol Squad One which seems a bit unneccessary but most things that happen on the show are equally absurd. QOTSA mastermind Josh Homme along with Queens and Them Crooked Vultures Alumnist Alain Johannes haved penned and recorded the shows all new title track. I expected a tornado of awesome that would end with my soiled shorts or exploded head...neither happened. Honestly, I dig the old song more but maybe this will grow on me.

What do you think?
Josh Homme & Alain Johannes - "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad One Theme"