It's official, Hollywood is out of ideas. Remember that game for 8-bit Nintendo where you could climb up buildings with monsters and destroy them for points? Yeah, that's gonna be a movie.

'Rampage' was a kick-ass video game when it came out in 1986. You got to choose from three different creatures you might find in a Godzilla-type film -- one of which you would use to wreak havoc on the city. You could break buildings, eat people, destroy helicopters, in a pre-'Grand Theft Auto' world -- it was the balls.

Now it has been announced that the same type of Hollywood genius that paid for the rights to make the video game 'Asteroids' and the board game 'Battleship' into major motion pictures, have set their sights on 'Rampage: The Movie.' Didn't they already re-make 'King Kong' a few years ago?

Worst Previews reports that the story will center around three humans who are transformed into a giant lizard, werewolf, and a gorilla who then do battle with the military and destroy buildings. The 'Rampage' name was actually acquired by Warner Bros. in 2009 for a ridiculous $33 million.

This movie sounds like the biggest turd-fest of all time, but the thing that really upsets me is the amount of money these studios are willing to throw at absolutely nothing. There is no plot in 'Rampage,' it's an idea derived from Godzilla-like movies. They are basically paying for name recognition, for a name and brand that isn't all that recognizable to begin with.

At least they didn't get hosed as bad as the producers that paid to adapt 'Asteroids' did. I mean really, what did they pay for? It's a triangle that flies around the screen shooting rocks. What's next, 'Pong: The Movie?' I really wish that it were still the 1980's sometimes. Back then studios made all kinds of different films and took chances on exciting new ideas. Now all the studios are ran by glorified accountants who look for the next recognizable brand they can mutate into a moderately entertaining summer blockbuster.

Check out the preview for 'Rampage: The Movie'

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