Over the weekend, I traveled to Charlotte, NC to check out Carolina Rebellion with a group of friends. When taking a picture of where a car was parked, we noticed something interesting after looking at the picture later. 

Huge festivals like this bring out all types of people. We ran into people dressed as different types of produce, as well as superheroes wandering the grounds. Young kids to senior citizens even roamed the masses amongst us. It truly was a place for all people to come and enjoy live music.

Here is where the story gets a little interesting. With so many different types of people all coming together in one place, you get to learn a lot of things about how people live their lives. Personally, I feel you should live life to the fullest and do what makes you happy. Well, the people we captured in this video seem to share those feelings.

While we cannot confirm nor deny what is actually happening in the photo, we are going to assume that she wasn't opening a beer or playing sudoku.

This photo is courtesy of my friend Derek who just wanted to remember where he parked. Now, he will never forget it.

Keep checking back this week to see some interviews and other footage from Carolina Rebellion! It was an awesome show and we had a blast!

Parking Lot 1

See it yet?

Parking Lot 2
Parking Lot 3

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