So the Miami Heat and their "Big Three" silenced critics last night by raising the Larry O'Brien Trophy and winning the 2012 NBA Championship.  Don't let that fool you though, the Heat still suck and I'll explain why.

Number Five: Overrated


I know it's hard to say a team is overrated when they just won a title, but really, the Heat isn't nearly as good as people think they are.  Don't get me wrong, LeBron, Wade, and Bosh are three of the top 20 players in the NBA, but that doesn't make a great team.  I know that their supporting cast had a good series in the Finals, but Mario Chalmers and Shane Battier aren't pieces of a dynasty.  I can't argue the fact that the Heat were the best team in the NBA in 2012 (unless of course I bring up Derrick Rose getting hurt) but that doesn't make them one of the all time great teams like people are making it out to be.  LeBron cockily predicted 8 championships before the Heat every played a game together, and they are an eighth of the way there.  Let's see how far they get before we say "BEST TEAM EVER!!!"

Number Four: Super Teams Are Bad For Basketball and America


Competitive balance is something every sports league should strive for and the emergence of super teams has thrown things way out of whack in the NBA.  If all the biggest stars go to the biggest markets, what's the purpose of having the rest of the league or even the regular season?  If the league is going to have 8 awesome teams and 24 awful ones, just have 8 teams.  Nobody wants to be a fan of a team that has no chance to compete and nobody is going to watch the NBA when majority of the teams suck.  Most games would be two awful teams playing to lose for draft position or a super team dominating a crappy team.  Only occasionally would two good basketball teams meet. which means lower attendance, which means less revenue, which means less jobs.  I'm pretty sure super teams ruin the economy.

Number Three: Flopping and Whining

The flopping and the whining the NBA is out of control.  And I'm not saying that Miami is the only team doing it, but I am saying they are the worst about it.  Selling the foul is one thing, but Miami players are notorious for acting like they've been shot when someone brushes into them.

And nobody is worse about bitching to the refs than the Heat. They almost lost the Boston series because Dwyane Wade was more concerned about whining about not getting the foul more than he was about getting back and playing defense. I just imagine kids all over America playing rec league basketball, bitching at refs and acting like they never committed a foul in their entire lives.

Number Two: LeBron James and Dwyane Wade


I don't like Chris Bosh, but the guy doesn't bother me.  He is nowhere near the level of douche that Wade and LeBron are on.  I can admit both of these guys are great basketball players.  LeBron is probably the best playing the game today and Wade is a Hall Of Fame worthy certified superstar.  That doesn't mean the guys aren't douches though.  From the glasses without the glass to how they always come out to press conferences together to their general arrogance, it's all just too much.  All of that thrown in with LeBron's series of awful decisions and past failures and Dwyane Wade's bitchassness was nearly enough to make them number one on this list.  But even worse are...

Number One: Miami Heat Fans


The fan base of the Heat is a joke.  Nationally, a vast majority of them weren't fans of the team until LeBron came.  You can't really feel the joy of your team winning a championship when you didn't start liking them until two years ago.  Some people are okay with being a bandwagon fan, but those are the same people who listen to, watch, and wear whatever is popular.  It takes real character to pick a team and stick with them good or bad.

In Miami the fans are just as bad.  Their fans show up late, games don't sell out, and the American Airlines Arena is one of the quietest venues in the NBA.  The fans at games in Miami are more there to be seen than they are to watch basketball.  The Heat has even had to hand out fliers telling their fans how to "Fan Up".  That is truly pathetic that a team has to tell you how to cheer for your team.  As soon as the Heat falls off, you can expect the Heat fan base to be nonexistent.

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