Three months ago Food Network star, Robert Irvine and his crew invaded a struggling Burton restaurant and pizzeria, Paliani's. Irvine is the host of  'Restaurant Impossible'. The goal of the show is to turn a failing restaurant into a winner! 

So what did Mr. Irvine think of Paliani's when he was there in June?  According to MLive, not much.  Irvine said, quote:

"The food is probably the worst Italian food I've ever had in my life. The design issues--whoever designed this restaurant many years ago wasn't very thoughtful about flow, aesthetics, colors, restrooms were an afterthought."

Damn! Obviously the show made changes, and from what I have read, it is definitely for the better! The show airs tonight on the Food Network, at 9:00 pm. Below is just a taste of how the show works and a peek at how tough host Robert Irvine can be.