Redlight King have easily dismantled the idea of a sophomore slump, with their successful follow-up to 'Something for the Pain' called 'Irons in the Fire.' The disc dropped last fall, and has already yielded the hit singles 'Born to Rise' and 'Times Are Hard.' It's 'Born to Rise' that's in the spotlight here, as the band recently shot an acoustic performance of the track that is exclusively premiering here at Loudwire.

Kaz and his crew are in full acoustic mode, strumming through the track that takes on even more resonance when heard in this manner. The guitars are unplugged and the band's drummer has even put away the drumsticks in favor of the brushes during this performance, which was filmed at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles.

'Born to Rise' cracked the Top 10 last fall, and has been one of the standout cuts on the 'Irons in the Fire' disc. The album is currently available via iTunes. And you can look for the track being part of Redlight King's sets when the group hits the road for a number of festival dates this summer. See where they're playing here.

You can also check out Redlight King's most recent hit, 'Times Are Hard,' by clicking on the button below to see the music video.

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