If you missed Redlight King's performance of 'Bullet in My Hand' on 'The Tonight Show' last night, don't worry. Now you can watch it here without having to sit through any of Jay Leno's atrocious "comedy."

Redlight King are currently on the rise with their new single 'Bullet in My Hand,' which just cracked the top ten at active rock stations. The duo comprised of Kaz and Jules fuse hip-hop, rock, and alternative on their debut release 'Something for the Pain' and will perform at this years Rock on the Range amongst other high-profile rock festivals.

The band hit the set of 'The Tonight Show' last night (2/23) to perform their latest single, which fromtman Kaz described to Loudwire as "a song about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.” Unfortunately for the band, most of Leno's audience will soon be headed towards the light at the end of the tunnel.

Redlight King Perform 'Bullet in My Hand' (Skip to 39:22)

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