For the last time, no -- they are not Ree-See's Pee-Sees.

For years, one of my biggest pet peeves has been people who pronounce Reese's, known for their peanut butter cups and pieces, incorrectly. For some reason, an embarrassing amount of literate humans read their name as "Ree-see's." Not only that, but a lot of those very same people will then mispronounce the incredibly common word that follows it in the case of "pieces," which they make fit the rhyme scheme by saying "pee-sees."

You might be one of the folks who do this and don't realize it. You might be among those who are aware of this, and defend their clearly invalid argument. Hell, you might even be one of those who inexplicably only pronounces "Reese's" wrong in the case of their pieces, but not when it comes to their peanut butter cups. There are so many people in each of these groups that I would wager they outnumber those of us who are right.

Even though I just half explained why you're wrong, are you still convinced that Reese's Pieces defy all grammatical rules and logic as a result of their delicious candy shell and peanut butter filling? Well, the candy maker just low key confirmed the proper pronunciation of their name on Twitter in a way that is especially funny to me -- I'll explain why after you see their tweet:


It's especially funny to me that Reese Witherspoon is the person they used to explain this, because it's the one I use as well. A friend and I once tried to explain why "Ree-Sees Pee-Sees" is incorrect to one of the non-believers by walking them through the following set of questions:

Q: Who was the main actress in Walk the Line and Legally Blonde?
A: Reese Witherspoon
Q: Now let's say she were to explode and her parts went all over the place. You could say she was blown to... what?
A: Pieces
Q: Whose pieces are they?
A: Reese's
Q: What are they again?
A: Reese's Pieces

I don't remember if that was the exact line of questioning, but that's the gist of it. If they don't answer the last question right, just keep saying "Or..." until they say "Reese's Pieces," which they'll most likely pronounce the right way. Even if they don't -- it's hilarious and it's a fun way to embarrass your friends for being dum-dums.

So there you go, Pee-Sees people. You're wrong.

By the way, if people go the other way with this and start calling her Ree-see Witherspoon -- I'm going to lose it.

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