As the Banana gets ready to celebrate our 24 year anniversary I decided to take a look back at the year 1994 and the first time I tuned into Flint's Rock Radio Banana 101.5.

Fall of 94 I was starting my freshman year at Adrian College (I played baseball there) and I only came home a few times for laundry and money. One weekend in September when I did come home. I tuned my car radio to 101.5 and heard the song by Harry Belafonte called the Banana boat song that was in the movie Beetlejuice (top 10 favorite movies). I sang along, but once the song was over it started back up again. I thought something was wrong so I turned the station and turned it back later and that song was still playing. Seriously?

Before I went back to school I tuned back into 101.5 one more time to see if that damn song was still playing. You guessed it. It was. The next time I was back in town from school I went back to 101.5 and it was everything that I listened to. Rock music that kicked ass.

A cornerstone here in Flint was born. 24 years later I work for the worlds best rock station. Banana 101.5 and love every day of it. Do you remember when we went on that first weekend? I know I can't be the only one that remembers that?

Source: LIPEBIANC via YouTube

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