And you think your job stinks.

You've got nothing on Wendy Burch. The reporter for Los Angeles' KTLA managed to maintain the highest level of professionalism when someone vomited on her while she covered an Ironman competition on July 4.

Around the 44-second mark, someone off-camera hurls on someone else, but part of it gets on Burch, who just keeps on going. No good deed goes unpunished, though, because about 30 seconds later, she gets dumped on a second time while interviewing someone else.

At that point, you couldn't have faulted her if she just dropped her microphone and went home.

One of Burch's co-workers posted video of the incident as it happened, which included a technical malfunction which forced the screen to freeze just as the spew hit the man she was interviewing (the above clip appears to feature events as it unfolded in real time). Her colleague said she should get hazard pay, but, really, we think she ought to get biohazard pay.

Burch isn't shying away from her viral moment of stardom, either. She wrote an entire blog post about it.

This is also not her first dance with viral infamy. Back in 2016, she gained notoriety for chasing a dreamy guy on the beach she had just interviewed and two years ago she was frightened out of her skin when someone videobombed her while she did a live report.

We shudder to think what she can do for an encore now, though.

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