Whether you're singing in your car, in the shower or you're just one of those people that walks around singing all day, you'll be happy to know it's really healthy for you. Even if you're the most god-awful singer on the planet (Maggie Meadows), it still has health benefits.

I saw a story on Higher Perspective that listed a bunch of different research studies that claimed singing daily reduces stress, clears sinuses and makes you live longer. If that's true, Maggie Meadows will live forever. I'm not kidding, that woman walks around the radio station singing all day. Well, it honestly sounds more like a cat being stretched out by all its limbs than what you would consider traditional singing.

Did you know you can get a buzz from singing? I figured that would get your attention lol. It's totally true, it releases endorphins and increases levels of oxytocin. I found this out when I was younger and taking voice at the Flint Institute of Music. I told my instructor that I kept feeling like I had a buzz while singing and she explained it to me.

Last year Huffington Post posted a really cool list of the 10 reasons you should make singing your drug of choice and I thought it would be cool to share.

  1. Release endorphins and increases levels of oxytocin
  2. Improve posture, breathing and blood-flow
  3. Save money: our voice is our free human instrument
  4. Create new neural pathways and improve brain meta-plasticity
  5. Ward off age-related decline by continuously ‘exercising’ your brain
  6. Heal depression, strokes and speech abnormalities
  7. Promote social bonding and cohesion, and rediscover your own identity
  8. Relieve mental health issues; feel happier, better connected and supported
  9. Connect with other diverse voices and your community
  10. Be smarter, healthier, happier and more creative

Feel good and sing your ass off even if you sound like Maggie Meadows.