In case you weren't aware, the Westboro Baptist Church decided to hold some protests in Genesee County today at UM-Flint, Southwestern Academy, and Grand Blanc High School.

Personally, I think the Westboro Baptist Church is a huge collection of idiots and only six of them showed up to protest. However, everyone has the right to free speech and peaceful protests. With that said, hundreds of Genesee County residents decided to do the same with counter-protests. It was pretty awesome to see the community come together in such large numbers for the counter-protest.

The Westboro Baptist Church started today at Flint Southwestern Classical Academy and then made their way to the University of Michigan - Flint. Finally, their protest moved to Grand Blanc High School. When I arrived at the protest in Grand Blanc, I was blown away at the sight of so many people. Check out the video below to get the idea of what it was like down there. Even Jesus made an appearance on roller blades.