Full disclosure - I love Royal Bliss! I have been a fan of the band for many years. If you are not familiar - it is time to do so. This new video for their song 'Medication' is just a taste of the Royal Bliss sound. This tune also features Shim, who you may remember  from the band Sick Puppies.

Throughout the pandemic, the band has done several livestream shows. As a matter of fact they are doing one tonight. The show will feature the full band in an intimate studio setting. If you want more information on it, click here. At the time I am writing this, there are less than 80 tickets available.

Royal Bliss is always one of my favorite shows to see at The Machine Shop. Neal, Taylor, Jake, and Sean are not only great friends to everyone at the Shop, they are family, and treat their fans that way too.

For many years on my birthday, they played the Shop to celebrate with me. I have a few pictures of me on stage singing 'I Was Drunk' with Royal Bliss, I just don't necessarily remember it. That is the beauty of a Royal Bliss show - you definitely have fun! A true Flint favorite for sure.

This pandemic is been beyond tough for independent venues like The Machine Shop and of course for musicians as well. Anytime you can do anything to help out, trust me it is appreciated and goes a long way.

I know live shows will be back, one I am most looking forward to is Royal Bliss back in Flint at the Shop! Until then, check out their new video, and the show tonight if you can.




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