Update 3/21/19 - Neal Middleton lead singer of Royal Bliss let me know that this particular facility specializes in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Neal said quote,

 'It was amazing to watch these people light up to music they had never even heard before, one of the coolest experiences we have had'.

I have been a fan of Royal Bliss for many years, what the band did recently makes me love them even more.

Royal Bliss recently played an acoustic gig at a retirement home. How cool is that? Just because someone is old, does not mean they can't rock. You will see in the video above many senior citizens dancing to the music. I hope I am that cool when I am in a home.

I would love to put together a show like this for a retirement home in our area. The power of music is ageless. Maybe we can do a 'My Grandma Rocks' contest?

I can't say enough good things about the Royal Bliss guys. Neal Middleton, Taylor Richards, Jake Smith and Brian Hennesy - you my friends are a class act. An extra special congrats to Taylor and his fiance Mirryah, on the birth of their new baby girl.

Royal Bliss will be hitting the road with Devour the Day, Through Fire and Dead Posey in May. Unfortunately, there are no Michigan dates at this time - hopefully that changes.