Sammy Boller, the guitar virtuoso endorsed by the legendary Joe Satriani, has just released a beautiful new instrumental song, "Ritual Lights."

As was the case on his Kingdom of the Sun debut album which was released last year, Boller demonstrates his remarkable two-hand tapping abilities, which are the crux of his songwriting and provide a hypnotic foundation for his explosive, emotive soloing.

"Ritual Lights" is a warm, melodic track that was written during the Hindu religious festival Diwali, also referred to as the Festival of Lights, and in the video below, Boller is seen seated in a dim room alongside his amp, pulling whimsical notes out of his guitar with ease.

Boller, who was selected by Joe Satriani as the winner of Guitar Center's 'Master Satriani' class in 2012, performed his new song live on Loudwire's Instagram page today (April 2) as well as some other tracks from his catalog. Watch the full Instagram Live set directly below.

Sammy Boller Performs Live on Loudwire's Instagram Page

Earlier this year, Boller was a featured guest on Loudwire's popular 'Gear Factor' video series as he played six insane shred solos, tearing his way through scorchers by Eddie Van Halen, Zakk Wylde, Randy Rhoads and more. Watch that here.

Sammy Boller, "Ritual Lights"

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