World 1-1 was never ready for Mortal Kombat's Scorpion to come down and drop some knowledge on some koopas.

NicksplosionFX had the genius idea of combing two of gaming's biggest franchises and showing us how it'd look if Scorpion replaced Mario in Super Mario Bros. As soon as Mario starts running through the beginning of World 1-1, Scorpion yells his infamous "Get over here!" and spears the Italian plumber off-screen.

The yellow-sporting ninja jumps on to the scene and starts punching, sweeping, roundhousing, uppercutting and fireballing everything in sight. It's quite a sight to see goombas and koopas flying around as he unleashes a world of brutality on them.

The best part has to be at the very end when Scorpion chops the flagpole in half and incinerates the flag itself. No need for hops if you can just destroy the pole itself. NicksplosionFX has promised more Mortal Kombat/Super Mario Bros. mash-ups, so let's get inordinately excited -- but you know, silently.

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