Where are all my boozy friends at? Let's drink good in the neighborhood.

When everyone else seems to be full on Pumpkin Spice this time of year, Applebee's is serving up a Vampire drink, for just one dollar. I'll try any drink for a dollar, but if you need to know more, I will tell you what is in it. The drink is made up of rum, dragon fruit, passion fruit and strawberry. What? No tequila? Oh what the hell, like I said - I will try any drink for a dollar.

The cherry on top of this spooky beverage is that it comes with fangs. Yes, I said fangs. Man, this just gets better and better. Keep in mind, the Vampire drink is only available for a limited time, as in the end of October.

If rum is not your thing, no worries - Applebee's offers specialty dollar drinks year round. Plus, tequila is available year round. Cheers.

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