This story is disgusting on so many levels. It's actually difficult to put it all into words for you.

So the man in the photo is Natalio Vitervo-Vasquez, he was recently sentenced to 40 years after DNA samples proved he impregnated his at the time, 10-year-old daughter.

She was eleven when she gave birth to the child, who was born with multiple birth defects. The child eventually died during surgery at a hospital.

Get a load of all this, according to WNEM, the father was in the U.S. (Mississippi) illegally, he can't speak English or read or write, he has no social security number and he's been deported twice.

In the story I read, the daughter stated that he took her to a hotel where "he touched her and gave her something to drink which made her sleepy."

Vasquez was sentenced to 40 years in the Mississippi Department of Corrections.  Vasquez must serve 25 years of that sentence and is to be immediately deported when released.

I'm sure that when the other inmates in the prison get word of his crimes, he will be treated (punished) accordingly.

Source: WNEM

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