Summertime is beach time for a lot of people in Michigan. If you are looking to head to the beach this weekend, make sure the one you want is open.

As of today, Friday 7/12/19, seven beaches in Michigan are closed for visitors looking to cool down and take a dip. Six are in the Lower Peninsula and one in the Upper Peninsula.

Here are the beaches now closed in the mitten:

  • Reed Lake - Reed Lake Property Owners - Oakland County
  • Ross Lake - Beaverton City Park - Gladwin County
  • Eagle Lake - Lakeland Estates - Oakland County
  • White Lake - Maple Park - Muskegon County
  • Lake Michigan - Public Shoreline Beach-Thompson - Schoolcraft County
  • Lake Michigan - Rogers Park-MDOT - Schoolcraft County
  • Sandy Bottom Lake - Water's Edge Camp - Livingston County

It is always a shame to see the beaches closed. However, if you have been in Michigan for more than one summer, you know this isn't too rare an occurrence. When I lived in St. Clair Shore I remember Metro Beach being closed very often. Hell, there is even a parody song about that one.