Yesterday we told you about family members of three of the accused Clio rock throwers, protesting for their release outside of the Genesee County Jail.  Mark Sekelsky, Trevor Gray, and Mikaydn Payne have been behind bars for four years. They are three of the five people accused of killing Kenneth White in 2017.

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I am sure you remember this horrible story. Kenneth White was a passenger in a vehicle traveling on I-75 when the above named suspects, along with Alexzander Miller, and Kyle Anger, threw rocks from an overpass above. Reports indicate that Anger threw the fatal rock, but all of them have been accused of the crime.

As of now Kyle Anger is out on parole and Alexzander Miller is out on bond. That as you can imagine, does not sit well with many people. According to WNEM, the three remaining suspects are still waiting on a court of appeals decision as to whether the rest of the teens can be sentenced as juveniles.

The family of the jailed young men are struggling with the fact that there is no movement in the case. What about the family of Kenneth White? They will never see him again - ever. There will be no visits (except at a cemetery), no calls, and no letters.

Jessica Gray, sister of Trevor Gray, claims it is not fair that the three jailed suspects have nothing to look forward to because a sentence has not yet been handed down. I should point out that Jessica also said she does not believe they (the accused) should be set free either. You can watch her entire interview above.

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