Big Chicken will be opening 20 locations in Michigan.

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Basketball star Shaquille O'Neal opened his first Big Chicken location in Las Vegas in 2018. Big Chicken offers customers a fast and casual dining experience. When eating at a Big Chicken plan on big flavor, big food, and big fun.

Here is what we know right now about Big Chicken and the six Michigan locations that have been announced.

 What is on the menu at Big Chicken?

Big Chicken serves a variety of no-hormone and cage-free chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, sliders, sides, salads, and sweets too. Check out the photo gallery of food options below.

Big Chicken
Big Chicken

Where is Big Chicken opening in Michigan?

According to the International Franchise Association (IFA), Big Chicken will be opening in the following Michigan places,

Check out the video below of a Shaq at a Big Chicken in Illinois recently.

There is no word that Shaquille O'Neal will be making an appearance at any of the new locations opening in Michigan, but it sure would be cool if he did.

FOX 32 Chicago via YouTube/Big Chicken
FOX 32 Chicago via YouTube/Big Chicken

Big Chicken - Michigan

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