A couple days off for these two bands resulted in this awesome cover, and one of the best birthdays I've ever had! I was invited to attend this recording at Metro 37 Studios in Rochester Hills a couple years ago, and would like to revisit it with you since Sean Danielsen from Smile Empty Soul is performing acoustically at The Machine Shop tonight!

It was a couple days before my birthday when I got a text from J. Loren from Hurt saying they had a few unexpected days off in Michigan, their bus was being repaired, and he was stuck in Detroit bored. I stopped by on my way to school for lunch and told them Clutch was playing that night at the Shop. They all got pumped and decided to go hang in Flint that night. The next day I was invited to go watch them record this song for the Banana, which was a ton of fun for me because I've never seen how things were recorded in person. From loading in and hooking everything up, to teaching themselves this song on the fly and recording, the process is a lot more complicated then I ever would have thought! They played The Shop the next night and I will forever be a bigger fan of both bands after that weekend.

Enjoy this classic cover.  There are a couple pictures with me in the corner like a creep-o, trying to not be in the shot and they crack me up. Can you find them?

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