Anti-Mortem Rocks Acoustic
The Banana Crew had a chance to check out a special acoustic set from Anti-Mortem when they were in town. Check it out as they perform "100% Pure American Rage," "Hate Automatic," and "Truck Stop Special." It was a great acoustic set.
Killer Acoustics From Opeth
As some of are aware Record Store Day was this past Saturday. Bands like Foo fighters MGMT, Rob Zombie, just to name a few are really behind this day and remembering the heritage of music. Opeth is no exception.
Royal Bliss Rocks The Acoustic Lounge At Dirt Fest 2012
It's no secret that Royal Bliss is a favorite amongst the Banana Crew.  All the guys are down to Earth and a blast to not only see, but party with as well.  Even though they still had to play a full set on the Deja Vu stage later that day, they still took time out to play five songs in the acoustic …

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