Nonpoint rocked the sold out house at The Machine Shop on Saturday night, but before that they warmed up with a free meet and greet and acoustic performance at Strange Daze Tattoo. We all say a huge thank you to Lisa and Ed Strange for inviting us all in to enjoy this experience at their shop.

After the performance, Elias and Rasheed took pictures, told some stories, and relaxed like they lived there or something! There were snacks, ugly Christmas sweaters, raffles and prizes, Bad Santa and "freakin' Nonpoint". Chris and I got it all on video.

*As always, make sure you change the video to the highest resolution possible with the settings wheel in the lower right hand corner. It just looks better.*

'That Day'

'Breaking Skin'

This is just a fun little video of us all hanging around after the show with the band, Bad Santa, and one of his Ho Ho Ho's!

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