Spend Friday the 13th (9/13)  at Genesee County's largest and scariest haunt, EXIT 13.

Every year the staff at EXIT 13 make changes to the haunt, so even if you were there last season, you will be experiencing some new forms of hell tonight. Trust me, you will be running for your life! If you do make it out alive, you have the opportunity to score tickets to see Disturbed at the DOW Event Center in Saginaw, on October 1st.

If you are looking for a haunt that will truly terrify you - it is EXIT 13. For years I have watched people run out of the haunt screaming and crying. Every year is a new adventure, I swear they are really killing people in there!

Tickets are the following:

  • $22 General Admission
  • $30 Combo Ticket (EXIT 13 and Buried Alive)
  • VIP Fast Pass, add $10
  • Buy timed tickets on line here.

For more information, click here. EXIT 13 is located on North Saginaw, just of of 475 in Flint. See you tonight! Mwahhhhhhh!