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If you have not yet downloaded the Banana app - do it now. Today in the 4:00 PM hour you will get a notification through the app, telling you when to call and what caller to be, to spin the JJ's Prime Steaks & Cheesecakes 'Wheel of Meat'.

What is on the Wheel of Meat you ask? A lot. There are 12 slots on the wheel. Minimum prize is $45 dollars, maximum prize is $149 dollars. Here is a breakdown of all the meats you can win, and number of slots for each prize,

  • 2 slots with 1 Dearborn spiral cut, glazed Christmas hams. $70 value.
  • 2 slots with the $79 Christmas Bundle. Includes: 2 x 9 oz NY strips, 2 x 9 oz Ribeyes, 2x 5 oz marinated chicken breasts, 1 cheesecake.
  • 2 slots with a 2 lb. premium, aged 35 days, Tomahawk steak, $70 value.
  • 2 slots with a 3 lb. bag of marinated chicken breast & 1 amazing cheesecake. $45 value.
  • 2 slots with a 2 lb. bag of jumbo, wild caught shrimp & 1 amazing cheesecake. $48 value
  • 1 slot with a JJ's Filet Pack, 10 x 6.5 oz filets, $149 value
  • 1 slot with JJ's Surf,Turf & Chicken Pack: $129. Includes: 5 x 8 oz. sirloin strips, 3 lbs marinated chicken breast, 2 lbs wild caught shrimp & 1 cheesecake.

Now that my friend is a 'Wheel of Meat', with cheesecakes to boot.

If you have been trying to decide what to prepare for Christmas dinner, the 'Wheel of Meat' can decide for you today. To check out all of the great deals, plus same day delivery, that JJ's Steaks & Cheesecakes has to offer, click here.

Now download the app, and be ready to spin the 'Wheel of Meat' later today.

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