Spoiler alert - there will eventually be snow falling in Michigan.

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Full disclosure, I am not of a fan of winter or the snow - however you will never hear me say 'I can't believe it's snowing'. It is Michigan, it will snow. Maybe I would say that if snow was falling on the Fourth of July, but not in October, November, December, January, February or March. Maybe I should make some bumper stickers that read 'Snow Happens'?

You know the people I am talking about, maybe you are even one of them? Folks that seem so shocked and sometimes even appalled that snow is falling in Michigan in Novemeber. I did see a friend of mine post on Facebook today that it was indeed snowing. I of course glanced out the window upon reading her post, but I honestly did not see snow falling. Did you by chance?

A flurry or two is not even what I would refer to as snowing. If it does not stick around for hours, it is not snowing. A quick gust of flying snow is what I refer to as a flurry and or flurries. Feel free to follow me for more meteorologist type tips.

All kidding aside, we are Michiganders - we can handle the snow. Love it or hate it, old man winter is coming for us. Who am I kidding, I will most likely be crying and complaining about the snow too. I do have a tip on getting through a Michigan winter with a smile - tequila.

If you have some winter survival tips, be sure to share them. I will try anything.

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