I'm a Great Dane owner so this story hits a little closer to home for me personally. Regardless of the breed, this is absolutely heartbreaking but knowing how sweet these gentle giants are, it just kills me to see this.

In Greenwood South Carolina, a 6-year-old now named Luke is in critical condition after he was found starving to the point where he actually started eating his own foot just to survive. This poor boy was tied up for weeks without food or water according to NBC Montana.

The dog’s owners, Jessica James, 32, and Skyler Craft, 28, were charged with ill treatment of animals. Somebody needs to starve these scumbags for awhile and see how they like it. This makes me so mad!

Luckily Luke is in good hands at Noah's Arks Rescue where he's being treated for his injuries. If you'd like to donate to help Luke recover, click here.


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