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You can't say you don't know what to do or how to cast your vote after watching this helpful video. Stephen Colbert explains the voting process to all of us in Michigan, part of his series known as 'Better Know a Ballot.'

Colbert opens the video by addressing Michigan and saying that "everyone knows that Michigan is the smartest state in the nation." Of course, it's part of the gag, because Colbert compliments each state with the same opening line. Michigan's personalized video is the 15th in the talk show host's 50-part series of instructional videos.

"What makes Michigan the greatest?" Colbert asks. "Well did you know, Michigan was admitted into the Union in 1837 and is known as the Great Lakes State and the Wolverine State -- because when Michigan gets angry it shoots adamantium claws out of its mitten."

Adamantium refers to the fictional metal alloy bonded to the skull and claws of Wolverine, a character that appears frequently in Marvel comics.

He goes on to say that Michigan is unique because it is just one of just 50 states chosen to participate in this year's presidential election. (It took a minute for that joke to sink in.)

From there, he goes on to outline the voting process, noting that the deadline to register to vote is October 19. There are also links to complete the voter registration process and apply for an absentee ballot.

One important note, if you plan to vote by mail your ballot should be postmarked or dropped off in person by November 2. The US Post Office recommends that ballots are in the mail by October 27.

So there you go. A helpful and somewhat funny video that explains the whole process to the greatest state in the nation, Michigan.


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