Here are Three Big Things you need to know.

How about a shopping cart that knows exactly what you want? That is what Amazon is doing right now. Lets be honest. Jeff Bezos the strange little man that he is, is the most dangerous man in the world!

This will come as a huge shock and disappointment to Democrats everywhere, BUT in Michigan you actually have to vote no later than Election Day. Shocking I know, but even absentee ballots have to be in on time according to the court of appeals.

Governor Whitmer is getting ready to close down bars and restaurants again and she has been angling that way for awhile, BUT is the state being honest about the numbers it is putting out to the public? The state announced yesterday 891 new cases had been reported. On The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services site, the number is 42 new cases, BUT THE TOTAL NUMBER OF POSITIVE CASES IS THE SAME 71,197!


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