Yet again Stone Temple Pilots have canceled the remainder of a tour because of Scott Weiland, at least this time it appears to be for legitimate reasons.

Last year STP dropped the off of their tour early after singer Scott Weiland had an exciting multiple-night run of falling off of stages and announcing to the crowd he had also fallen off the wagon. This year the band took another run at it and was receiving mostly positive reviews -- all was going well...until last night.

Scott Weiland consulted with Doctor at the UC Voice Health Center prior to their show last night (Sept 13th) in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Doctors informed Weiland that he had scarring on his left vocal chord and a "tremendously inflamed" right vocal chord. The director of the UC Voice Health Center gave the following statement in regards to their orders to put Weiland on vocal rest:

"With such a heavy concert schedule and vocal activity, we determined that Mr. Weiland could potentially run the risk of a vocal hemorrhage or suffer permanent damage, hence putting him on complete vocal rest."

The band themselves issued a statement about the final 3 shows that are effected by the doctors orders:

"STP regrettably postpones last 4 shows of the summer 2011 tour. Concho, Oklahoma already rescheduled for November 5th. STP apologizes to their fans and should have their remaining three shows rescheduled soon. And of course, refunds are available at the point of purchase."

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