Since I've moved to Fenton, I've been doing a lot more driving.  And while gas prices aren't the highest I've ever seen them, but it's not cheap getting around.  I'm sick of paying 2.98 and thinking it's a good deal, then seeing it for 2.90.  Wanna know how to get the best deal on gas?

My grandpa might be old as crap, but he gave me the hook up on how to make sure you're getting the cheapest gas.  It's not some trick from the Great Depression, it's  Just put your zipcode in and you'll see gas prices.  You can help with the price reporting but you don't have to.  And since you're online all the time anyway, you might as well use it to save some money.  I know you might think a few cents doesn't mean much, but if you are consistently paying too much for gas, you're just wasting money.  Today on my drive to work, I saw gas anywhere from 2.90 to 3.09.  Gas is gas, quit wasting your money on it.

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